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2021-2022 Board of Directors

Dating back to 1937 when SIU women organized informal social events, the SIU Women’s Club became a formally recognized organization in 1948 when Chester F. Lay was SIU President. Little did those women in 1937 know that the events they organized provided the foundation for an organization now listing nearly 190 members.

The signature event throughout the history of the SIU Women’s Club has been the fall tea event which has evolved in recent years into the Afternoon Tea held at the Stone Center.

The ongoing emphasis in SIU Women’s Club events and activities is to build a network of women in the Southern Illinois University Carbondale community by promoting friendship and education. A variety of social, educational, and cultural events provide a welcome to women who are new to the SIU community and new opportunities for women having a personal or family connection to SIUC.

SIU Women's Club 2021-22 Board of Directors

President     Michelle Rust
President-Elect     Amelia Ketzle    
Treasurer     Deborah Corker
Secretary     Donna Wilson
Program Director     Susan Graham
Communications Director     Kathryn Sime
Membership Director     Olga Weidner
Historical Director     Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm
Scholarship Director     Debra Sarvela
Interest Group Directors     Julie Bohnsack
Past President    Marsha Ryan

Promoting the interests of women in the SIU community for more than 80 years.