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Women's Club Board of Directors

Dating back to 1937 when SIU women organized informal social events, the SIU Women’s Club became a formally recognized organization in 1948 when Chester F. Lay was SIU President.  Little did those women in 1937 know that the events they organized provided the foundation for an organization now listing nearly 150 members.

The signature event throughout the history of the SIU Women’s Club has been the fall tea event which has evolved in recent years into the Afternoon High Tea held at the Stone Center.

The ongoing emphasis in SIU Women’s Club events and activities is to build Southern Illinois University Carbondale and surrounding communities by promoting friendship and education.  A variety of social, educational, and cultural events provide a welcome to women who are new to the SIU community and new opportunities for women having a personal or family connection to SIU.

SIU Women's Club 2017-18 Board of Directors

President     Laura Helsel
First Vice President     Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm
Second Vice President     Toni' Intravaia
Secretary     Lyn Bame
Treasurer     Barbara Burns
Historical Director     Fran Becque
Membership Director     Olga Weidner
Scholarship Director     Susan Pearlman
Interest Group Directors     Liz Schill and Toni' Intravaia
Past President     Marcia Anderson


1948-49   Nellie Shake
1949-50   Lucy K. Woody
1950-51   Pierre Maverick
1951-52   Rose Black
1952-53   Olga Hiskey
1953-54   Elma Dey
1954-55   Ethel Kelley
1955-56   Jerry Lindegren
1956-57   Mary Simon
1957-58   Doris Turner
1958-59   Billie Wills
1959-60   Margaret MacMillan
1960-61   Alberta Humble
1961-62   Mary Cochran
1962-63   Maude Tenney
1963-64   Leota Klingberg
1964-65   Jean Neckers
1965-66   Annemarie Vavra
1966-67   Dorothy Randall
1967-68   Dorothy Randall
1968-69   Jewel Vieceli
1969-70   Hazel LeFevre
1970-71   Vivian Ugent
1971-72   Carolyn Andersen
1972-73   Alice Mitchell
1973-74   Blanche Sloan
1974-75   Ruth Winsor
1975-76   Doty Vaughan
1976-77   Joan Wright
1977-78   Julia Muller
1978-79   Jean Kroening
1979-80   Genevieve Marshall
1980-81   Justyn Hindersman
1981-82   Patsy Parker
1982-83   Pari BeMiller
1983-84   Toni’ Intravaia
1984-85   Carol McDermott
1985-86   Carol Dyer
1986-87   Joyce Guyon
1987-88   Mary Bree Brown
1988-89   Sue Casebeer
1989-90   Liz Schill
1990-91   Janet Eynon
1991-92   Sharon Lorinskas
1992-93   Pam Wright
1993-94   Beth Arthur
1994-95   Linda Seibert
1995-96   Donna Cody
1996-97   Betty Person
1997-98   Mary Jo Hanes
1998-99   Mary Jo Hanes/Betty Person
1999-00   Liz Schill
2000-01   Liz Schill
2001-02   Sue Whitlock
2002-03   Sue Whitlock
2003-04   Sandra Werlich
2004-05   Sandra Werlich
2005-06   Vivian Ugent
2006-07   Vivian Ugent
2007-08   Deloris Brown
2008-09   Deloris Brown
2009-10   Liz Schill
2010-11   Liz Schill
2011-12   Marianne Lather
2012-13   Marianne Lather
2013-14   Marianne Lather
2014-15   Marcia Anderson
2015-16   Marcia Anderson
2016-17   Marcia Anderson